I remember when I worked on a paper in Camden covering meetings where it was suggested that big pharmaceuticals and the medical profession were conspiring to suppress information on the link between MMR and Autism..
Now ten years later Bad Science columnist Ben Goldacre is being championed by the likes of Stephen Fry on Twitter for “hammering away at these people and their superstitious inanities”.
Goldacre writes here about about LBC’s request that he take down audio of Jeni Barnett’s 7 January phone in and updates the story here – as well as Stephen Fry on Twitter, it’s been shared on Wikileaks and Youtube and excerpts of the transcript have been posted on numerous blogs.
On Monday 9 February it was discussed on Start the Week in a debate on censorship and the internet and the next day in his Times column David Aaronovitch weighed in.
All the blogs that have covered the story are listed by Goldacre courtesy of Holfordwatch which has logged them all here..
There will be a lot to learn from this about the web in relation to laws that Glodacre “apparently works a bit better for wealthy people”.