The question first came up last week when the editor of Radio 4’s Today programme answered questions from a member of the BBC’s Feedback panel about why there are so few women on the programme.
A week later his comments have been criticised:
Liz Hoggard in the Independent
Mark Jefferies on
The suggestion that the Today programme is a boys’ club doesn’t surprise everyone .and also generated discussion about desirable presenting styles.
It seems he’s also making a broad comment about the BBC that there aren’t enough authoritative women to choose from: a point former presenter Sue MacGregor takes issue with in the Telegraph.

Working on Today means having to hold to account some of the toughest and most slippery characters on the national and international stage. A thick skin is helpful but not a prerequisite. More important is political nous, on-air confidence and as much preparation as you can handle. Plenty of women have these skills in abundance. Let’s hear more of them on air.

Which women would you like to see presenting the programme?

Photocredit: Bowbrick via a Creative Commons licence