ActionAid UK and the Guardian report on a story they worked together on: the use of Oradexon – a steroid originally used to make cows fatter – in Bangladeshi brothels.
ActionAid‘s senior broadcast journalist Pia Heikkila also writes about the brothel in Faridpur:

“Where to start putting the long list of wrongs right in this place? Girls get sold to sexual slavery as young as 12. They work for free in their rooms which resemble prison cells year round, serving dozens of clients daily. They sleep three in a room, but if one girl gets a punter, the others have to make themselves scarce. They used to have to hide their babies under the beds when they got a client. They no longer have to do this, thanks to ActionAid, which has arranged childcare for the children in this and other brothels.”

Photocredit: Wonderlane via a Creative Commons license